Testimonials and birth stories



The information we received in Hypnobabies is empowering.  The hypnosis techniques will be beneficial to both of us (and our baby).  Paige is very knowledgeable, approachable and congenial.  Her enthusiasm made the course very pleasant and fun.


I learned so much information that I had no idea about.  I’m so glad I took the class!  The class setting was interactive and I never got bored. The way Paige taught the class was amazing.

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This class opened my eyes to topics and concepts I didn’t know of.  It has helped me stay clam and learn to program my mind, not only in the birth process but also other aspects of life.   The hypnosis sessions and practices were amazing and having having my husband be so involved in our birth process and being on the same page as me is probably my favorite part of what we got out of the class.  I’m going to miss coming to class!


Learning the relaxation techniques, about the stages of birth, medical information about he birth process and risks commonly of routine procedures was really helpful.  I loved the super relaxing hypnosis sessions and information for birth positions were my favorite things about the class.  I have an increased confidence and decreased fear.  I feel competent and empowered from taking the class.


We learned how to easily and comfortably enjoy our baby’s birthday through Paige’s Hypnobabies class!  My favorite part of the course was learning new techniques and positions and having the reassurance that my body knows what to do.


It was great to have an instructor that has given birth using Hypnobabies and also lives a healthy lifestyle.  The Hypnobabies course is really well laid out and the articles and homework were invaluable for us – even as 3rd time parents!


I developed knowledge and relaxation techniques that made me feel confident about he natural process of birth.  There was a good balance of information and relaxing hypno-techniques.  The workbook is well composed and Paige kept a good pace with the material.  She is an awesome teacher and I feel like I made a 180 in how I was feeling about the pregnancy/birth (From afraid and unprepared to so happy and confident!)

I would definitely recommend Paige’s class. I really wanted to have a natural childbirth but was very anxious about it (as many first time moms would be). My doctor told me about Paige’s Hypnobabies class and I thought I’d give it a try. I’m glad I did!

Hypnobabies is an ideal concept for those that are interested in birthing naturally as well as understanding natural pregnancy and postpartum recovery. The class changes your mindset and approach to pregnancy and birthing by altering your preconceived notions about the process. You will best benefit from the class if you come with an open mind.

I gave birth to my first baby using the Hypnobabies technique. I don’t know what my labor would look like without it but I would imagine that I would have spent many hours at the hospital, sitting in one position, hungry and exhausted. Using Hypnobabies, even though my contractions technically started at 7 AM, my husband and I went to the hospital at 8 PM and I had our baby at 10:17 pm; no complications, very easy birth by textbook standards.

I used the CDs and other techniques discussed in the class for several hours at home as well as on the way to the hospital and when I got there, the nurse didn’t even check me right away to see how much I had dilated because she didn’t think I was very far along. That’s what Hypnobabies helps with – staying relaxed and in control.

People always ask if I would choose to give birth naturally again and thanks to Hypnobabies I would. I’m not going to lie and say that the birth was pain-free because it wasn’t but it was certainly bearable.

-Natalia R.


Thanks to Paige and the Hypnobabies techniques the birth of my second baby was the most beautiful experience in my life.
Each class we learned so many important things.
I am recommending the Hypnobabies classes with Paige all pregnant ladies.
It’s really worth it!! Not just for you, but especially for your baby.


I’m very happy with the job Paige did instructing this course. She has a good background b/c she has also used it herself.

The classes are very relaxed (obviously!) and very informative in that she help my wife and I to prepare for the birth of our first child and also to understand the choices we have and will face on the big day.

The course covers everything from self-hypnosis techniques, nutrition, putting together a birth plan, birth partner (that’s YOU guys!) responsibilities in this process, what kind of hospital protocol you’re likely to face (and tips for how to handle it) as well as post-birth planning.  Its pretty comprehensive and with the educational resources we got from the mid-wife center we chose, we got a pretty rounded out, natural, vaginal birth experience.

The preparation techniques were the biggest benefit for us.  It helped my s/o and I to bond closer and get on the same page.

And the treats Paige makes for break time were fantastic.



Paige is amazing and so is Hypnobabies!! I used it in the birth of my second child and it made such a difference! My experience was beautiful and I remained very calm despite unexpected circumstances! I would recommend this class to all expecting mothers. Paige also makes delicious treats for each class!

-Barbie M.


Just born! 1:41pm July 12th 8lbs5oz 19.5l” long wonderful holy crazy amazing birth that I can’t even believe is really our story.

I’ll start with a little background. My DD came naturally at 39 weeks so when our sweet baby boy passed that mark I became a little impatient. My mantra “babies are born on their birthdate” and “I am lovingly patient” had a big part in helping me to settle my anxieties. Especially since this big guy was giving me Braxton hicks every other day for hours on end from about 37 weeks!!! (Something I never experienced with my first).

On the night of July 11th around 7pm the usual BH showed up. Around 9pm I noticed they caused a little more discomfort than usual and were time able. They were 10 minutes apart. I went to lay down and do my “easy early birth” CD. This was wonderful but the pressure waves still weren’t distinct enough to know if this was going to be the real thing or fade away again. At this point i choose to take a bath. The pressure waves continued at varying lengths etc until 3am when we contacted our doula Latina Baxter (highly recommend)!!!!! She came to the house where she was of great assistance to us! My birthing time stalled and I was exhausted around 8am, I listened to my Hypnobabies tracks and rested on and off. Although the pressure waves were now averaging 7 minutes apart the intensity was ever present. Around 9:30am Latina left our home to shower etc while I opted to shower and rest. My shower/bath was wonderful. Once I got out transition began. The pressure waves came every 1-3 minutes and lasted over 1 minute. This was by far the most challenging time during my birth. I cried and begged Matt to take me to the hospital!! Which he eventually did lol but first he had to get back into contact with Latina and our birth photographer Stephanie Shirley (amazing!). After a little bit longer I believe we left the house just before noon (after I had to say good bye to my toddler while managing pressure waves!!! It was tough but apparently she  has done really well with her Mimi & granda!). We arrived at the hospital and Matt was a bit stressed out. I was beyond being able to walk at this point and making quite a bit of noise through my pressure waves (so he had to ditch our car and grab a wheelchair to get me to L&D). Some incredibly smart person had already notified the dr we were coming (not sure who)! Our dr was not on call this weekend but Bethany Peterson (from the same clinic) was on call here at the hospital to work with us and she was stunningly amazing. STUNNINGLY. We had our birth plan, there wasn’t one question, it was just wonderful!!!! They decided to skip triage and take me straight to an L&D room (haha) where we did 20 minutes of fetal monitoring (he was fine and that was the end of that), I got my IV (dr Peterson explained that it would be saline locked as I didn’t need fluids or pitocin) seriously everything went so incredibly “according to plan”! They did take a few BP readings but quickly unhooked me when I wanted out of the bed to my birth ball 🙂 Omgoodness. The many times I begged and said I couldn’t do it or needed everyone to tell me why I was! It was tough. No one gave up on me even when I wanted to give up on me! I asked to go pee around 1pm and did but when I was in there I automatically started pushing! The nurse and my team got me quickly back to the bed to be checked! Lol I was so worried that I would be ready for our finale! But luckily I was 9.5cm and had a bulging bag of waters 🙂 they said next pressure wave that’ll Pop! Latina turned me around on the bed so I was holding onto the head of it, I got a pressure wave and POP! Such a unique experience!!!!!! After that my body VERY quickly decided to start pushing. My doctor, my team, everyone was wonderful. Absolutely amazing encouraging I can’t say enough wonderful things! I was SO loud I’m sure I terrified the whole floor but it was amazing beyond words. Maybe 3-4 good pressure waves later plus some mama directed pushing (no one directed me or counted down it was all my body leading!!) he was out! My big boy! Born at 39+6 and at 8.5lbs they are calling him large for gestational age! I’m so incredible proud. I had an itty bitty tear that required minor fixes (smaller than with my DD who was an epidural birth at 6lbs14oz!!!). He is perfect in everyday. He was on my chest for everything and he even went straight to nursing! I’m so incredible incredibly incredibly in love and also so proud.

I cant thanks Paige and Hypnobabies enough. I am overjoyed that I owned this experience. When I had my DD I received too much fluid, epidrals etc with this little lad I have had one Motrin (for post partum cramping) and I feel amazing. They are actually talking about discharging us tomorrow and taking out my IV tonight!!!

This has been an incredible, invaluable experience! We also did delay cord clamping for 5 minutes and I got to cut the cord 🙂 as Matt cut DDs cord 🙂 lol


Dear Paige, I wanted to let you know that our daughter,  was born last Sunday, January 18 at 10:17 pm. She weighed 7 lbs and 10 ounces and measured 18.5 inches. I had a pretty easy and short birth relatively speaking. My birthing waves started around 7 am I think (though I’m still not sure if those were waves) and got more intense in the afternoon. We went to the park around 4 pm and got home from the park around 5:30 or so. When we got home I started listening to my hypnobabies recordings and Ed finished a few things to get ready for the hospital and then we had dinner. We left the house around 7:30 and I was admitted to the hospital at 8 pm.  The nurse checked me around 8:30 and said I was 4-5 cm dilated. I guess they thought it would take a lot longer or maybe it was because I was so composed at that point but before they knew it, I was already 8 cm and they called the doctor on call (my OB was not on call that weekend). I got to 10 cm pretty quickly though and the nurse said she can deliver the baby if she has to but she’d prefer that the doctor does so they told me to wait. I felt a very strong urge to push for like 10 to 15 minutes but they told me to blow instead so that I don’t push. After a little while my Doctor showed up! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was so relieved when I saw her at the door!! (Earlier the nurse had put an IV bag with oxytocin on my IV cart which she said was for after the birth and Ed and I were not expecting it – I didn’t know if that was something I absolutely needed). But when my doctor showed up, I knew it was gonna be OK. She said we only need the oxytocin if my bleeding got out of control. I pushed for 20 minutes and Izabela came out. It was the most surreal and wonderful experience I could ever imagine. I couldn’t really concentrate much on hypnobabies towards the end (there was quite a bit of commotion with them trying to stop me from pushing, trying to figure out if the nurse will have to deliver, etc but I delivered naturally just like I wanted to and that’s what really counts for me. When Iza came out, she wanted to nurse pretty much immediately. She nurses beautifully.

I wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve taught us in hypnobabies. I feel like it was great help and not just during the birthing but so much leading up to it. The mindset that pregnancy is totally natural helped me get ready in a wholesome way and I’m convinced helped me with Iza getting in the right position and be born so easily. We are so delighted and happy to finally have her with us and we can’t wait for you to meet her!


Hi Paige!  My water broke last Friday at 2am, no pressure wave so I tried all sorts of things, listened to the scripts, and yes I had been good with the maintenance program, so after 12h of nothing my ob asked me to go to l&d to check the baby was ok. They kept me of course but the nurses were great and very supportive of me going natural.   Overall it took 36h, and unfortunately, long story short, we ended up having to induce and then use forceps and it all ended in emergency c section… It turns out my coccyx is in a wrong position with my pelvis and there is just no way I could ever deliver a normal size baby. It’s just not something we knew before and could only learn by trying…..
I have to say though, that hypnobaby took me further along that I thought I could go and the ‘change of plan’ scripts have been invaluable in keeping me calm and centered through it all. [My birth partner] read them to me twice at key moments and it helped me a lot. The cues were also very powerful.
Bottom line is, I have a beautiful baby girl, and we are now home. She is beautiful and healthy.
Anyway, thanks again for everything.


I think the Hypnobabies class gave me the tools to have a happy and confident pregnancy, which allowed me to remain calm through the entire birth experience. Even though I was in pain, and didn’t get to use the hypnosis as planned, I used the tracks to keep me calm and focused and was able to concentrate on breathing through every pressure wave, and I never felt afraid or that I was out of control.

Baby’s birth was fairly uneventful (as far as having a baby can be!). My water broke at 10:12pm. Started having frequent and painful contractions within 15 minutes. Got to the birth center about 11:15, and contractions were very manageable (using my hypnobabies tracks!) until the last 30 min or so. Labored and delivered in the birth tub, which helped a ton.  This is my third (with my first I pushed for almost three hours) so he pretty much flew out when pushing time came. 3 min of pushing and my jumbo baby was out. Wheee!

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