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Want to Experience Hypnobabies?  HERE are 2 free tracks you can download and try!

Has Hypnobabies piqued your interest, but you wonder if it’s the right childbirth education program for you? Does the thought of using hypnosis seem a little weird? Wondering how to be sure it’s worth the investment?

Hypnobabies founder Kerry Tuschoff taught childbirth education classes for years before she learned the amazing power of hypnosis to relieve pain. Once she put the two  together, her students not only had more comfortable births, they had shorter birthing times. Less pain = fewer drugs = fewer extra medical interventions. Kerry’s article introducing Hypnobabies in the founder’s own words is available here.

Maybe it’s your medical adviser who has questions. Health providers who witness a Hypnobabies birth tend to become fans. Renowned doula Carole Thorpe was so moved by the success of Hypnobabies that she became an instructor herself and is now vice president. Together, she and Kerry wrote an article that speaks to birth practitioners as well as curious parents. Enjoy this article dispelling misconceptions about Hypnobabies.

The best way to really “get” what hypnosis is, though, is to get into the hypnotic state. We have two audio recordings to help you make up your own mind. The first is a brief talk by Kerry Tuschoff. The second is our gift to you with love from Hypnobabies — a relaxation session of your own. Find the two tracks below at this website.

Hypnobabies Introduction

Learn about childbirth hypnosis and the specific advantages of our Hypnobabies program. Hear why moms choose “Eyes-Open Childbirth Hypnosis”. Understand how you can easily become a mental computer re-programmer, creating an easier and more comfortable birth just by relaxing with one Hypnobabies script every day.

Relax Me!

Sit back and enjoy this track! This hypnosis session demonstrates how to bring deep physical relaxation to your entire body. You’ll choose a special word cue that will prompt you to feel calm and relaxed in any situation from now on. Any side-effects? Well, you may experience a lingering relief from stress. [You’ll see why hypnosis recordings warn you never to listen while driving. Or cooking!


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